Starting the Conversation about Health, Legal, Financial, and End-of Life Issues 

“This guide is meant to help you prepare for these conversations, offer helpful tips for starting a discussion and provide a range of topics for your consideration.”


Colorado Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) Program

“This is a Medicaid program designed for the disabled and elderly that require nursing home level care but wish to receive that care outside of a residential facility.   CDASS Program is based on the Cash and Counseling model in which the individual receiving care is responsible for the direction of their care.  Under Colorado’s CDASS program, participants are allocated the funds that would otherwise go towards paying a care provider.”


Caregiver Checklists 

“These checklists and forms can be used to help you stay organized and will help clarify questions on topics such as assisted living and continued care options, money and Insurance, physical and emotional health, planning and assessments, legal matters and end of life issues.”